High-quality entomology & natural history pieces

Hand-crafted with the highest skill & materials in our UK workshop.

Butterfly Entomology

Hundreds of specimens from all areas of the globe, set by our professional entomologists.

Moth Entomology

Everyone knows and loves the Death's Head moth, browse other stunning moth specimens.

Minibeast Club

Receive a unique specimen each month, choose to include butterflies, moths, beetle & insects.

CITES Birdwings

Our projects in PNG help preserve and protect these protected butterflies.

Beetle Entomology

From small to large, these insects come in all shapes & sizes.

Insect Entomology

Huge stick insects, leaf mimics and more.


The highest quality fossils carefully selected dating back millions of years.

Glass Domes

Your choice of black or brown wooden bases, hand-made in our workshop.

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