Goniatite sp

Large Goniatite Ammonite
Fossil on Stand

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  • A large polished goniatite ammonite fossil displayed on a fabricated steel stand. Handmade by our Hertfordshire blacksmiths.

    A Goniatite fossil is a kind of extinct marine mollusk that lived from the Devonian and Carboniferous periods, around 416 to million years ago. These cephalopods resembled modern nautiluses in their appearance having a coiled, spiralled shell which was both a cover and home.

    The shells of goniatites often exhibit complex patterns of ridges and chambers useful for palaeontologists studying ancient marine ecosystems and the development of mollusks. Goniatites are important index fossils used in dating and correlating rock layers, while their diversity provides clues about past environments and evolutionary trends in the oceans.

    Latin Name: Goniatite sp

    Fossil Age: 300-400 million years old

    Fossil Size: 6.5 Inch

    Stand Height: 6 inch (15.24cm)

    Period: Devonian

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